Insurance & Retirement Planning Services
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Exceptional Service

We serve our clients by developing customized employee benefits programs. “Customized” means that we actually take the time to review your specific requirements and situation. In other words, we don’t just grab some existing program off the shelf. We go in-depth and analyze exactly the program options that will support you and your employees in the best way possible. Following that, we walk you through ALL the program options step-by-step and we keep working with you until you feel completely confident to make your final decisions.

Our programs are made up of the following products and services:

Risk management Analysis

If there’s one thing we know well at The Dana Agency, it’s insurance! Conducting a risk management evaluation means a thorough review of all of your existing insurance policies. We contrast and compare them to what’s new and what’s been out there a long time; tried and true. Once we establish a clear analysis of your policies we may recommend changes if we feel it would be appropriate. We may also find that a current policy is redundant and unnecessary and therefore can be eliminated. Our goal is leave no stone unturned and no street unexplored to find you the best insurance policies for your specific needs and requirements.

COBRA and State Continuation Education

We assist your company in the following areas:

  • Complying
  • Notices
  • Charts
  • Sample Letters
  • Keeping HR administrators abreast of the COBRA/State Continuation requirements, guidelines and notices

Retirement Plan Analysis

We all like to think about how life will be AFTER we leave our working world. At The Dana Agency we want you and your employees to look forward to a prosperous retirement. We perform a thorough analysis of available plans based on your requirements. In our process we review investment options, assist you with fiduciary and reporting requirements. Our primary goal is to find the best retirement program fit for your company. We don’t stop working until we ensure that you have the tools and information necessary to make all your retirement plan work for your company and employees.

Health Care Reform

Healthcare reform is THE hot topic in America today. Fortunately, at The Dana Agency, we’re on top of it! We will assist you in understanding all the HCR/ACA tsunami provisions, requirements and help you to discern exactly what pieces apply to your business.

Employee Education

Once you choose the best employee benefits package for your company, the next step is to explain it to your employees. This is a crucial process that should be delivered with care and diligence. We help by taking the time to consistently updated your materials and guide your employees through the entire benefit package. This provides them assurance and piece of mind. They will understand fully how to use their plans, and work with their providers to gain the best experience from their programs. We know that the more your employees know about their plans, the better experience they will have and the better they will feel about YOU.

We can provide this education annually or semi-annually as well as offer one-on-one 401(k) assistance.

Employee Benefits Analysis

Our primary job is to help you navigate through the complex world of employee benefit plans. There seemingly are an infinite number of programs out there and, the good news is, we understand them all! We will help you find THE perfect plan that will help you to attract and retain your best qualified employees. We start with an in-depth analysis of all plans, whether employer provided or voluntary. From that we recommend the best possible program for YOUR specific requirements and needs. Our recommendations are based on assessing the solutions that best fit your particular company. Finally, in our 20 years of business we have sought out the some of the best and most qualified insurance carriers who will provide you and your employees with the best possible solutions for your company.

Insurance and Employee Benefits Products

Like any company providing employee benefits products, we offer a complete line of group benefit programs. However, unlike many companies, we don’t just drop off a brochure on our way to our next sales call. Instead, we sit down and take the time to go through EVERY piece and parcel of these complicated programs. We sit with you until you ‘get it’ because we know how important selecting the correct benefits package is and we are right with you, making suggestions and answering questions until you know that you have a program that best serves your company and the dedicated people who work for you. Our products include:

  • 401(k)
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Long-term disability
  • Short-term disability
  • Life and AD&D
  • Supplemental life
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Wellness benefits and group long-term care
  • PEO selection & ongoing support

Other services

As your employee benefits experts, we provide you with a variety of services. However, the MOST important service we provide is in helping you with the ease of administration of your benefits. We bring you clarity and assurance with customized guidance for your benefits programs. Some additional services include:

  • Annual renewal meetings with owners, benefits administrators and other key people to go over options, review current policies and make any changes necessary to keep plans cost-effective.
  • Annual employee meetings to answer employee questions about employee benefit plans, benefits changes and to assist with any enrollment changes.
  • Monthly courtesy call or email to stay in touch and see if you have any questions or concerns or want guidance
  • Assisting with updating and confirming any enrollments and terminations
  • Providing important numbers for each carrier to assist you in your company’s communications with the insurance carrier
  • Email communications to help you better understand industry regulations (and changes to regulations–i.e. Health Care Reform) and how they impact your company